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I’m collecting any interesting blog entries, wall posts, videos, articles etc. about osteoarthritis on a Google Plus Page called… “Osteoarthritis” It’s here:¬† Please circle the page if you’re interested!

A mini-seminar among post-grads took place in DIT on 30th June to talk about the software application Arthron and where it fits in with current research. There was an interesting split between the needs of researchers who just wanted to use the application and those that wanted to develop the software. Both groups wanted a […]

Innovation Alliance, known as the “UCD/TCD innovation alliance” in UCD and the “TCD/UCD innovation alliance” in Trinity, got going in earnest with the Engineering Design Innovation Open Forum on the 27th April. Postgrads, postdocs, and PI’s show-cased some of their research projects to further the 4th level partnership between Dublin’s largest universities. Since the colleges […]