Creating an application with VTKit is just the same as creating an application with any Tclkit. You can use TclApp within ActiveState’s TclDevKit with VTKit as the “Prefix file” instead of TclDevKit’s base-tk-win32-ix86.exe. This is a commercial application though. Below is an example of building a vtk tcl application using the free SDX utility.

  1. Create a directory c:/vtkit
  2. Download into this directory these files:
  3. At the command prompt, type:

    C:\vtkit>sdx qwrap decimate.tcl
    C:\vtkit>sdx unwrap decimate.kit

    This will create a decimate.vfs directory in c:\vtkit
  4. Copy ColorWheel.ppm into the c:\vtkit\decimate.vfs\lib\app-decimate directory, try:

    C:\vtkit>copy ColorWheel.ppm decimate.vfs\lib\app-decimate
  5. At the command prompt, type:

    C:\vtkit\sdx wrap decimate.exe -runtime c:/vtkit/vtkit.exe

That’s it! decimate.exe should be in the c:\vtkit directory. Here’s a model to look at with decimate.exe