Arthron is an software application for the biomechanical analysis of large sets of 3D anatomical models. Its design, features, and implementation have evolved over several projects investigating human joint biomechanics.

We use it in our lab to look at sets of human joints – knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders – to correlate their statistical shape properties with biomechanical or disease risk factors.

These are the typical things we do with the application:

  • Fit a coordinate axis to a model.
  • Take linear or angular measurements.
  • Take planar intersections
  • Clip or cut out sub-models.
  • Examine the different surface curvatures¬† (Gaussian, Shape Index…).
  • Examine the surface congruity or contact areas between surfaces.
  • Find the mean 3d model in a set and the variation of shape around this.