VTKit  is a tclkit extended with the Visualisation Toolkit library for the Windows(tm) platform. It’s an all-in-one executable needed to run vtk-tcl scripts. This build of VTKit is based on VTK version 5.5.0 and Tcl/Tk version 8.5.7 . The tcl bytecode library (tbcload) is included in this binary so that compiled tcl scripts may be wrapped.

There are two main advantages of VTKit over a standard installation of VTK and Tcl/Tk:

  • You dont need to install it… it just works.
  • You can wrap your vtk-tcl scripts into a starpack, ie, a single file application.

Download VTKit here

Applicable copyrights follow the tcl/tk, kitware, and equi4 copyrights. You are free to download VTKit provided you dont hold me liable for any damage caused.

Set the VTK_DATA_ROOT environment variable, if you want to run the vtk tests or examples.

  1. Pressing “u” will now bring up the wish console rather than the vtkInteractor
  2. It a good idea to add this callback to a vtkRenderWindowInteractor:
    “iren AddObserver ExitEvent {vtkCommand DeleteAllObjects; exit}”