This website is powered by WordPress with a modified Arjuna-X theme.

WordPress provides a “child theme” facility that allows you to customise a theme without altering the source code. This means when you update your theme you still inherit all the good new stuff but you don’t over write your changes.

I’ve put my child theme “arjuna-x-child” up on github for anyone to copy/learn from.

It is not that complicated.

It changes the page background color/gradient.  A brighter background gives more contrast to the text and makes it easier to read.

It adds a custom banner to the header. For the banner to work correctly you need to add a logo in the theme options section. The image should be 89 x 960 pixels.

It changes the footer a little and corrects a current bug causing the comments not to be displayed.

There is also a wp content filter that adds a menu to pages with links to subpages.

That’s it. You can find it here: